About this Blog

There are so many challenges facing leaders today, particularly in my industry, health care. A new generation of both care providers and patients are interacting with each other and the world in ways never even dreamt of a few years ago.  Medical research is moving at a lightning pace, raising continual questions about the best models of care. We face a new horizon for providing patients the best-quality health care while actively building the right form of delivery at our organizations. Leaders of all kinds, but particularly at hospitals and health systems, must not continue to think, or act, in the ways we have always done. New ideas and new strategies are required. There is a need to think differently — to think out-of-the-box.

The need for creative approaches to the situations facing health care cannot be underestimated. But new approaches must also be tested through evidence-based means, and tempered by caring for the very real people around you. In this blog, I aim to bring you my perspectives on cultivating a meaningful leadership style, no matter what industry you are in. I have developed my own through observation, research, practice and —ultimately — respect for my fellow human beings. From that same combination of respect and scientific approach, I am also driven to challenge my colleagues in health care to ask how we can all be better — to improve our patient safety and quality, to provide better care, to tackle the hard issues at hand.

Inspiring those around me to do better, to partner, to strive for more progress, is my passion. I seek to inspire my team and my colleagues at all times, and I seek to inspire you to do the same. I hope my sharing perspectives on the art of a caring leadership, the future of health care and innovative ways to foster compassion and organizational relevance will make you think a little differently than you did — and to share your own out-of-the-box thoughts.